IEEE International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services
15–17 December 2023 // Chongqing, China

Detailed Program

Detailed program - as of 04 December - subject to change.

Conference Program

December 15, 2023Day 1



Opening Ceremony

Room: Academic Lecture Hall of Yifu Technology Building

Zoom: 919 0165 7089


HostProf. Shaoen Wu

Organizer SpeakerProf. Xinbo Gao


HostProf. Shaoen Wu

Organizing Committee SpeakerProf. Honggang Wang

Keynote Speech

Room: Academic Lecture Hall of Yifu Technology Building

Zoom: 919 0165 7089


HostProf. Shaoen Wu

Keynote Speech 1

Speaker: Prof. Baochun Li

Title: TBD


Coffee Break


HostProf. Shaoen Wu

Keynote Speech 2

Speaker: Prof. Weisong Shi

Title: TBD



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Session 1: Signal/Data Processing and Computing For Health Systems

Session ChairProf. Jinbo Xiong

Room: 203 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 971 2919 3582

Session 2: Communications and Networking

Session ChairProf. Changqing Luo

Room: 205 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 922 6115 3496

Title: BUMS: A Novel Balanced Multi-model Machine Learning System for Real-Time Blood Glucose Prediction and Abnormal Glucose Events Detection

Author: Zhuoran Bi and Pushpendu Kar

Title: High-Efficiency Rectenna Design for Batteryless Implantable Medical Devices Powered by RF Energy Harvesting in the ISM Band

Author: Yosra Bouchoucha

Title: Improving Video-Based Actigraphy for Sleep Monitoring of Preterm Infants

Author: Zheng Peng; Dandan Zhang; Carola van Pul; Rong-Hao Liang; Peter Andriessen; Ronald Aarts and Xi Long

Title: Edge Intelligence Computing Power Collaboration Framework for Connected Health

Author: Boran Yang, Yong Wang and He Yan

Title: A Multi-center Clinical Trial for Camera-based Infant Sleep and Awake Detection in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author: Yuya Yuan; Dongmin Huang; Lirong Ren; Xiaoyan Song; Liping Pan and Hongzhou Lu; Wenjin Wang

Title: Privacy Protected Contactless Cardio-respiratory Monitoring using Defocused Cameras during Sleep

Author: Yingen Zhu; Jia Huang; Hongzhou Lu; Wenjin Wang

Title: Introducing SSBD+ Dataset with a Convolutional Pipeline for detecting Self-Stimulatory Behaviours in Children using raw videos

Author: Vaibhavi Lokegaonkar and Vijay Jaisankar; Pon Deepika P; Madhav Rao; T K Srikanth; Sarbani Mallick; Manjit S Sodhi

Title: AntiNoise: A Collaborative Sensing Network for Simultaneous Noise Pollution Monitoring and E-Health Management

Author: Wentao Liu; Ye Liu; Qing Yang; Li Dong

Title: Real World Parkinson's Disease Tremor and Score Prediction using Wearable IMU Sensors

Author: James Pope; Catherine Morgan; Alessandro Masullo, Ian Craddock and Alan Whone

Title: Security Assessment of Bluetooth Just Works Pairing Method: Vulnerabilities and Enhancements

Author: Mohamed Yanis Sadaoui and Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua


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Title: Wavelength-dependency of PPG Morphological Features for Camera-based Blood Pressure Estimation

Author: Guanghang Liao; Yukai Huang; Hongzhou Lu; Caifeng Shan; Wenjin Wang

Title: NI-MAC: MAC Protocol Design for Neural Interfaces

Author: Hongbo Wu, Yukuan Jia, Sheng Zhou and Zhisheng Niu

Title: Building a Better Metaverse: How Federated Learning is Revolutionizing Virtual Worlds

Author: Ahmad Chaddad; Yihang Wu; Reem Kateb

Title: Online Resource Scheduling Mechanism for Quality of Service Assurance in Intelligent Medical

Author: Hong Zhang and Yuxin Liao; Lingtong Ma; Yi Lv and Jun Luo

Title: Stability in Radiomics Analysis: Advancements and Challenges

Author: Ahmad Chaddad

Title: Enhanced Public-key Searchable Encryption Scheme for Cloud-Based EHR Systems

Author: Xiangqian Kong; Lanxiang Chen

Title: The Magic Number: Impact of Sample Size for Dementia Screening Using Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation of Clock Drawing Test Images

Author: Nina Hosseini Kivanani, Christoph Schommer and Luis A Leiva

Title: Computing Offloading Strategy for Internet of Medical Things in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network

Author: Hong Zhang and Mei Jiang; Lingtong Ma; Zejun Xiang; Sai Zhuo

Title: Computing Electrode Contact Signal Quality for Non-invasive Electrocardiography Signals in Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Author: Chuyen Luong, Hoan Pham and Hung Nguyen; Amrish Nair

Title: Large-scale trialing of the B5G technology for eHealth and Emergency domains

Author: Andrea Di Giglio; Sergio Berti and Simona Celi; Chiara Benvenuti and Marco Laurino; Elisa Maiettini, Nicolò Boccardo and Lorenzo Natale; Giancarlo Sacco; Mara Piccinino; Paola Iovanna; Giulio Bottari; Gianna Karanasiou and Vera Stavroulaki; Aruna Prem Bianzino




December 16, 2022Day 2

Keynote Speech

Room: Academic Lecture Hall of Yifu Technology Building

Zoom: 919 0165 7089


HostProf. Changqing Luo

Keynote Speech 3

Speaker: Prof. Dapeng Wu

Title: Federated Learning for Wearable Healthcare Devices

Keynote Speech 4

Speaker: Prof. Gang Zhou

Title: Wearable Computing for Healthcare and Motion Analysis


Coffee Break


HostProf. Changqing Luo

Keynote Speech 5

Speaker: Prof. Kang Li

Title: Health Management of Large-Scale Medical Equipment: Sensor Data Fusion and Failure Prediction Based on IoMT

Keynote Speech 6

Speaker: Prof. Richard Li

Title: Extending the Internet Protocols for Connected Healthcare Industries



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Session 3: Medical, Biomedical & Health Communication Systems

Session ChairDr. Yaping Cui

Room: 203 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 971 2919 3582

Session 4: Intelligent Health Devices

Session ChairDr. Peng He

Room: 205 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 922 6115 3496

Title: Pre-trained Tabular Transformer for Real-time, Efficient, Stable Radiomics Data Processing: A Comprehensive Study

Author: Zekun Jiang; Ru Chun Jia, Jr; Le Zhang and Kang Li

Title: HoloCV: A Head-Mounted Mixed Reality System for Contactless Vital Signs Monitoring in Medical Emergency Situations

Author: Xu Song; Jinhui Zhang; Xikang Jiang; Kun Wang; Lei Li; Lin Zhang

Title: A New Approximation Algorithm for Genomic Scaffold Filling Based on Contig

Author: Yongqi Zhu and Nan Liu; Qing Yang

Title: Edge AI Empowered Personalized Privacy-Preserving Glucose Prediction with Federated Deep Learning

Author: Xinyi Yang and Juan Li

Title: Personalized-enhanced Federated Learning On Heterogeneous Internet of Medical Things

Author: Yi Lv, Lichen Yan, Puning Zhang, Di Hu and Shuman Shao

Title: Implementation of Stacking-Based Algorithms with Data Pruning on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820c

Author: Purab Nandi; Anupama Karuppiah

Title: A Lightweight Bidirectional Differential Privacy Protection Method for Privacy-Sensitive Data in Medical Internet of Things

Author: Puning Zhang; Tingting Wu; Jing Yang and Jing Wang; Zhen Zhang

Title: Analysis of the Categorical Uncertainty Hypothesis and the Uncanny Valley Hypothesis Using the Furhat and EDA Sensor

Author: Matthew Sawchuk, Gideon Okoroafor and Arshia A Khan

Title: Using genetic algorithms to detect intrusions for IoT systems

Author: Riad Mohamed Ziani; Amel Khamoum; Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua

Title: Unraveling Gender-Based Neural Variations in Task Performance: An EEG Study

Author: Maryam Kameli and Arshia A Khan


Coffee Break


Title: On Multi-Modal Fusion Learning in Pathological Diagnosis of Fetal Distress

Author: Yefei Zhang, Zhidong Zhao, Yanjun Deng and Pengfei Jiao

Title: Assessing 5G Connectivity in Medical Extended Reality (MXR) Applications: A Testbed Approach

Author: Cheng-Yu Cheng; Yongkang Liu, Matthew Johnson, Ryan Beams and Mohamad Omar Al Kalaa

Title: Radiomics for a Comprehensive Assessment of Glioblastoma Multiforme

Author: Ahmad Chaddad; Yue Wang and Junjie Feng

Title: EFFCA: Enhanced Frangi Filter for Coronary Angiography Segmentation on Mobile Edge Devices

Author: Yu-Shuo Wang and Hao-Yun Chen; Chih-Kuo Lee; Che-Rung Lee

Title: Graph Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Internet of Medical Things

Author: Mickael Mohammed and Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua

Title: AMNet: Introducing an Adaptive Mel-spectrogram End-to-End Neural Network for Heart Sound Classification

Author: Yang Tan; Zhihua Wang; Kun Qian, Zhihao Bao, Zheyu Cao and Bin Hu; Yamamoto Yoshiharu; Björn W Schuller

Title: OpenAI ChatGPT: A Potential Medical Application

Author: Ahmad Chaddad; Yuchen Jiang and Changhong He

Title: Multiinstitutional Lung Image Classification Using Privacy-Preserving Horizontal Federated Learning with Homomorphic Encryption

Author: Desen Cao, Can Wang and Hao Sun; Chaolun Cao, Ming Kang, Hailin Zheng, Shaosong Zhou, Xingze Guan, Yuanyang Cao and Qing Tong

Title: Detection of Cyberbullying in Online Comments Latest Advances and Challenges

Author: Benassou Lina Feriel; Safa Bendaouia; Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua





December 17, 2022Day 3

Paper Report


Session 5: Service & Applications

Session ChairDr. Tong Tang

Room: 203 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 971 2919 3582

Session 6: Medical Data Analysis

Session ChairDr. Zhiyuan Zhu

Room: 205 (Yifu Technology Building)

Zoom: 922 6115 3496

Title: MLMSA: Multi-Level and Multi-scale Attention for Lesion Detection in Endoscopy

Author: Zhang Zhang and Xizhe Wang; Shuijiao Chen and Xiaowei Liu; Qilei Chen; Yizhe Zhang; Cao Yu; Benyuan Liu

Title: Camera-based Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability for Preterm Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author: Yongshen Zeng, Chengyifeng Tan and Dongfang Yu; Xiaoyan Song; Liping Pan and Hongzhou Lu; Wenjin Wang

Title: Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease using Early-Late Multimodal Data Fusion with Jacobian Maps

Author: Yasmine Mustafa and Tony T. Luo

Title: Research on Heart Rate and Respiration Rate Recognition Algorithm in Multi-channel Data Acquisition Scenario

Author: Siyuan Gao, Anze Cheng and Zhaoming Li; Liangyu Lv and Tianxin Zhang; ZhengLin Li; Yun Lin

Title: A CNN-Based Disease Detection Framework for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Videos

Author: Xizhe Wang, Zhang Zhang and Qilei Chen; Yani Yin, Guanghui Lian, Shuijiao Chen and Xiaowei Liu; Cao Yu; Benyuan Liu

Title: Analysis of Different Machine Learning Models for Diabetes Prediction

Author: Rym Moussaoui; Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua

Title: MedCare4Home: A Mobile Medial System for Families

Author: Mengting Mengting Wang and Yen Le; Chen-Hsiang Yu

Title: Heart Disease Detection using the Internet of Medical Things

Author: Osman Salem; Ahmed Mehaoua

Title: A Greedy Algorithm-Based Self-Training Pipeline for Expansion of Dental Caries Dataset

Author: Xizhe Wang and Zhang Zhang; Jing Guo and Peng Zhang; Qilei Chen; Cao Yu; Xinwen Fu and Benyuan Liu

Title: A Multimodal Deep Learning Model for Preoperative Risk Prediction of Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma

Author: Liwei Chen; Fan Zhang; Sixing Yin; Liang Yin; Shufang Li


Coffee Break


Title: A Verifiable Privacy-preserving Outsourced Prediction Scheme Based on Blockchain in Smart Healthcare

Author: Li Ta and Youliang Tian; Jinbo Xiong; Wang Linjie

Title: Exploring the Dynamics of Online Social Support for ADRD Caregivers: A Study on Online Peer Support Groups

Author: Kimia Tuz Zaman, Wordh Ul Hasan and Juan Li

Title: Evaluating the Use of Large Language Model to Identify Top Research Priorities in Hematology

Author: Huiqin Chen; Fangwan Huang and Xuanyun Liu; Yinli Tan; Dihua Zhang; Dongqi Li; Glen M Borchert; Ming Tan; Jingshan Huang

Title: Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) analysis on COVID-19 coronavirus worldwide variants

Author: Jiawei Chen; Nazmus Sakib, Seyedamin Pouriyeh and Chloe Yixin Xie

Title: Game-based prevention of social anxiety in young people

Author: Francisco Lepe-Salazar; Sergio García Michel

Title: Optimizing Blood Glucose Control through Reward Shaping in Reinforcement Learning

Author: Fatemeh Sarani Rad and Juan Li




Closing Ceremony

Room: Academic Lecture Hall of Yifu Technology Building

Zoom: 971 2919 3582






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